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Thompson’s Live: Episode 7 (Christmas Bonus edition: 17th December 2012)

December 18th, 2012

Hello again! As trailed in the last episode, here's a special bonus edition of Thompson's Live, the theatre & cool-stuff podcast from Chris Goode & Company.

This episode isn't like the others, mostly because it's not recorded in front of a live audience at Stoke Newington International Airport -- or indeed anywhere. Chris's guests are:

Maddy Costa, critic, blogger, and co-director of Dialogue

Jonny Liron, performance maker

Harry Gilonis, poet

But what you'll hear is two intercut conversations: one, with Chris talking to Maddy and Jonny, recorded at a restaurant in Stoke Newington on December 12th; the other, with Harry and Chris, recorded in one of the upstairs bars at the Royal Festival Hall on November 24th. The chat with Maddy and Jonny is split into two half-hour extracts (from a nearly three-hour conversation); the interview with Harry can be heard in between.

We hope you enjoy this rather different edition of the podcast. We'll be back in front of an audience, in the standard format, in March.

Happy holidays!

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