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Thompson’s Live: Series 2 Episode 7 (1st July 2013)

June 30th, 2013

For this edition of Thompson's Live, the Chris Goode & Company podcast focusing on theatre and performance, we're the guests of the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter, where Chris's guests are:

David Lockwood, director, Bike Shed Theatre

Cathy Turner, Senior Lecturer, Drama department, University of Exeter

Mark Wallace, director, Beaford Arts



Thompson’s Live: Series 2 Episode 6 (17th June 2013)

June 18th, 2013

The latest instalment of the Chris Goode & Co podcast focusing on the brightest ideas in theatre and performance comes from the Pulse festival hosted by the New Wolsey Theatre and Studio in Ipswich. Chris's guests are:

Ursula Martinez, writer, performer and cult cabaret diva

Liam Jarvis, co-director, Analogue

Paul Warwick, co-director, China Plate



Thompson’s Live: Series 2 Episode 5 (3rd June 2013)

June 2nd, 2013

Thompson's Live, the conversational blog around theatre and performance brought to you fortnightly (ish) by Chris Goode & Co, comes this time from TR2, the production and education facility of the Theatre Royal in Plymouth.

Joining Chris on this occasion were:

Hannah Silva, writer and theatre maker

Ruth Mitchell, site-specific performance maker and actor; co-director, Part Exchange Co

Mark Leahy, writer, artist & teacher



Thompson’s Live: Series 2 Episode 4 (20th May 2013)

May 20th, 2013

For this latest episode, Thompson's Live visits Queen Mary University of London, where the conversation around theatre and performance involves:

Bridget Escolme, Senior Lecturer in Drama, QMUL

Kirsty Housley, director and writer

Andrew Haydon, critic and blogger

Link: the journal MATERIALS can be ordered online from the Materials blog site.



Thompson’s Live: Series 2 Episode 3 (6th May 2013)

May 5th, 2013

Thompson's Live, the theatre and performance podcast from Chris Goode & Company, comes this time from the National Theatre Studio in London.

Chris's guests for this episode are:

Nick Blackburn, theatre artist, teacher and filmmaker

Rachel Mars, performance maker

Sam Ladkin, English lecturer, University of Sheffield; dramaturg, Chris Goode & Co.



Thompson’s Live: Series 2 Episode 2 (8th April 2013)

April 7th, 2013

Thompson's Live, the fortnightly podcast from Chris Goode & Company focusing on theatre and performance and their conceptual neighbours, comes this time from Theatre in the Mill in Bradford, where Chris's guests are:

Pauline Mayers, dance/movement artist and teacher

Iain Bloomfield, artistic director, Theatre in the Mill

Emma Adams
, playwright and theatre maker



Thompson’s Live: Series 2 Episode 1 (25th March 2013)

March 24th, 2013

Welcome back to the first in a new series of Thompson's Live, the fortnightly podcast from Chris Goode and Company focusing on theatre and performance, arts and ideas.

For this first programme in the new season we're the guests of Camden People's Theatre in north London, where the SPRINT festival 2013 is underway.

Chris's guests for this episode are:
Hannah Nicklin, theatre maker / producer, games writer, blogger
Jenny Paton, co-director, Camden People's Theatre
Georgina Sowerby, director / actor, co-director, Dirty Market Theatre

Enjoy the show -- and do let us know what you think!


Thompson’s Live: Episode 7 (Christmas Bonus edition: 17th December 2012)

December 18th, 2012

Hello again! As trailed in the last episode, here's a special bonus edition of Thompson's Live, the theatre & cool-stuff podcast from Chris Goode & Company.

This episode isn't like the others, mostly because it's not recorded in front of a live audience at Stoke Newington International Airport -- or indeed anywhere. Chris's guests are:

Maddy Costa, critic, blogger, and co-director of Dialogue

Jonny Liron, performance maker

Harry Gilonis, poet

But what you'll hear is two intercut conversations: one, with Chris talking to Maddy and Jonny, recorded at a restaurant in Stoke Newington on December 12th; the other, with Harry and Chris, recorded in one of the upstairs bars at the Royal Festival Hall on November 24th. The chat with Maddy and Jonny is split into two half-hour extracts (from a nearly three-hour conversation); the interview with Harry can be heard in between.

We hope you enjoy this rather different edition of the podcast. We'll be back in front of an audience, in the standard format, in March.

Happy holidays!


Thompson’s Live: Episode 6 (3rd December 2012)

December 4th, 2012

So all too soon we've reached the last of this present series of podcasts from Chris Goode & Company, focusing on theatre and performance, poetry and music, arts and ideas.

The conversation this time is even longer than usual, and yet as ever there's so much more that could have been said: particularly as, unusually, we had a single topic to focus on: namely, the current state of writing for (and not for) theatre.

The three brilliant guests who joined us to think through some of the questions around this strangely fraught territory were:

Chris Campbell, Literary Manager, Royal Court Theatre

Dan Rebellato, Professor of Contemporary Theatre, Royal Holloway University of London

Francesca Lisette, poet

There's also an amazing, longer-than-usual set from Francesca at the end, which you won't want to miss.

There'll be one more episode before the end of the year -- a kind of Christmas bonus, not recorded at STK and not taped before an audience, but still full of big ideas and good conversation -- which should come out around December 18th.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone at the Airport, everyone's who's come along to listen and contribute, and above all our eighteen fantastic guests.


Thompson’s Live: Episode 5 (19th November 2012)

November 20th, 2012

It's a rather dismally truncated episode of Thompson's Live this time, for reasons that Chris explains in the introduction: but there's still a lot to enjoy in the 45 minutes of conversation around theatre and performance, poetry and music, arts and ideas.

The guests for this penultimate live episode are:

Stella Duffy, writer, performer, director

CJ Mitchell, co-director, Live Art Development Agency

Alison Blunt, musician

Hope you enjoy (despite everything!).